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Cortec chemists developed a product that is applied as aliquid into the annular space between the carrier pipe and the casing andquickly sets into a gel, as well as the equipment and process for application ofthe product. This CorroLogic System consists of two alternatives. Options forcorrosion rate monitoring are also available. Cortec isproviding the oil and gas industry with unique choices for carrier pipecorrosion control.

Corro da te

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Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a significant worldwide problem. CEFS isdevoting significant resources in 2012 to refine the VpCIproducts used to mitigate CUI in a wide variety of environments. Cortecengineers have worked with a major manufacturer of corrosion rate monitoringsystems to develop equipment capable of producing real-time measurements at thesurfaces of insulated pipe as well as developing special equipment and processesfor application of VpCI chemistry. In the very near futureCortec will be well prepared to make a huge impact onmitigation of CUI with no service disruption, no recoating and no insulationremoval. 041b061a72


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