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FOR so I love still to call you, on the Score of old Acquaintance and Friendship. I take this occasion to wish you Joy on the happy Deliverance of our good Queen from the bloody Design of the Popish Assassin Count Guiscard, and on your own Escape, at the same time, from being dragoon'd into Popery and Slavery, and becoming Hewers of Wood, and Drawers of Water to the French King, and his Journy-Man the Pretender. For cou'd his Unchristian Majesty have once got the Collar on your Necks, and saddled you with the St. Germain's Yonker; pray think, what a whipping Bill of Charges he'd have brought in, for nursing, boarding and tutoring that Babe of Grace? He has no Conscience, you know, in his Demands; and a Child so dutifully bred up as that is, wou'd not have had the Boldness to higgle with his Foster-Father, and make him abate. No, he would have paid him to the full; and you must have found where-withal to quit the Reckoning. And so your selves and your Sons must have been chain'd to the Oar, and turn'd Swabbers under French Boatswains, or been transported into Foreign Countries, to have had your Brains knock'd out in the French King's Quarrel, to make him Monarch of all Europe. And your Wives and Daughters must some of 'em have been common Strumpets to an Outlandish Jacobite Army, and others the handsomest of 'em have been mew'd up in Nunnerys for the Use of Priests and Fryars.


In what is the democracy likely to err? How do men err when they run from one extreme to another? There may be an extreme in economy, as well as in expenditure. The economists are a good description of persons; but may not always be the illuminati. There is such a thing as economy over much. A man of spirit, and enterprise in his private affairs, will be sensible that it is no economy to stint his labourers of wages; or to higgle in his bargains. More depends upon judgment, and expansion of mind in his plans, than in nigardliness in his contracts. Laying out well, brings in, and improves his plantation. The federal government, in the opinion of some, taxed too much, or injudiciously. We will not tax at all. Rather than tax, we will bend our minds to reduce offices and salaries; at a time too when the purchase of commodities proves to us, that the value of money is reduced, and the price of living advanced one half. The jurisdiction of the justices of the peace proves this; for it must have been a good deal, on this ground that it has been increased from fifty, or thereabouts, to one hundred dollars. But it is not merely the reduction of offices and salaries, that is the evil, but the wounding a principle of the constitution; or straining a principle, to get quit of these: for, it cannot be dissembled, that it is broached in many places, to over-throw the whole judiciary establishment, and put men upon the bench that will take the honour of it for the compensation. This might look well at first glance; but it would ultimately destroy the democracy by which it was accomplished. But suppose nothing of this in contemplation or attempted; who are they that oppose an amelioration of the judicial system, competent to an administration of justice, by an increase of the districts, or the judges?--The economists: Though, it can be demonstrated, that a pound is lost to the community, where a penny is saved. But it does not come by the way of direct tax; but insensible filching, in the way of the expences of attending courts. 041b061a72


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