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Buy Ghana Airtime Online

Here at, we want to make it easier for you to send airtime to Ghana! Enjoy fast, simple and secure recharges. Ghana airtime means offering the gift of talk, so just select a top up amount and the airtime minutes will be on their way. The online mobile recharge is available for many mobile carriers, including MTN Ghana, AirTel Ghana, Tigo Ghana, Glo Ghana, etc.

buy ghana airtime online

Around the world, millions of people don't subscribe to monthly contracts that give them unlimited data or airtime. Instead, prepaid phones remain extremely popular. These phones run on a pay-as-you-go model where they need airtime (sometimes called 'talk time', 'call time', or 'credit') to make calls and send text messages. You can learn more about airtime top-ups in our explainer.

Every week, thousands of people like you send data, airtime, and money to Ghana. With so many Ghanaians living abroad, everyone needs an easy and inexpensive way to send money back home to family, friends, and others. Whether you want to make a once-off currency transfer or you need to send money regularly, we can help you find the best option!

Yes, it's safe and secure to top up a phone online in Ghana. With Monito, the transaction will be processed by WorldRemit, a legitimate and trustworthy money transfer service that provides segregated user accounts and runs securely through HTTPS.

Monito works with WorldRemit to bring you the best rates and quickest transfers when recharging airtime. All you need to do is enter your recipient's contact number on Monito, and WorldRemit will do the rest! Once you're on their website, here's how it works:

Sending airtime is easy and all you need to do is this:1. Click on the Send Now button next to the airtime you want to send.2. You will be redirected to PayPal at which you can pay by logging into an existing PayPal account or pay by Credit Card or a Visa Debit Card.3. Once payment is successful you will be redirected back to Ghanaairtime and the airtime access number will be displayed and sent to your email.4. From this page you enter the mobile phone to which to send the airtime and submit5. On submission, the airtime will be sent out to the receiver who should receive it in as early as 5 seconds, yes in 5 seconds only.

BOSS Revolution makes staying in touch as simple as picking up the phone. Our fast, simple and secure recharge services in Ghana allow you to stay connected with the ones you care about most without any extra stress. Just follow simple instructions online to ensure your recharge gets to where you want it to.

Instant means INSTANT when it comes to BOSS Revolution. When you select to recharge airtime for a mobile in Ghana, you can rest assured that your top-up will be on its way immediately, so that your connection is never broken.

You can borrow airtime and data from MTN when you run out. You can use the borrowed airtime to make calls or purchase data bundles if you would rather not borrow data directly. Buying data bundles with airtime loans might be more cost-efficient than taking a data bundle loan. Each data loan is attached to an airtime value. You might be able to get the bundle you are about to borrow at a lesser price if you borrow airtime and use it to buy data the regular way.

In Ghana, you can loan GHp50 or more from MTN depending on how much airtime you top up monthly. You must have less than GH4 to take an XtraTime loan in Ghana. The USSD code for borrowing from MTN in Ghana is *506#. To loan airtime from MTN in Ghana:

MTN will credit your XtraTime account with the airtime balance after deducting the service fee of 10%. So if you borrow GH4, GHp40 will be deducted and only 3.6GH worth of airtime will be available to you.

Upon your confirmation, MTN will credit your XtraTime account with the airtime balance after deducting the service fee. In Uganda, the XtraTime Service Fee is 10% of the amount borrowed. So if you borrow UGX1,000, UGX100 will be deducted by MTN as a service charge and UGX 900 will be the usable airtime value.

If you suspect you may be the victim of a scam, please read through our information on Resources for Victims of International Financial Scams. In the aftermath of a scam, some people have also found camaraderie with in-person or online support groups which help underscore the breadth of the problem and allow people to see they are not alone.

Ghanaairtime is a convenient way to purchase airtime for your loved ones in Ghana. But as with all transactions done over the internet, payment is usually done with credit cards. This usually poses a security risk to your finances. So, is it safe to use your credit cards on the ghanaairtime platform?

Buying airtime for our mobile phones has evolved over the years. We had the scratch cards and transfers. Then we moved on to peel off cards when studies suggested that the silver coating (silver nitro oxide) of the scratch cards cause cancer. The peel off was short lived and the scratch cards made a comeback. Of course with a warning not to use our fingernails to scratch out the digits. Soon enough we had mobile money making it more convenient for us. We could just top up from our mobile phones. Presently we can also recharge our airtime online through credit cards. also known as GhanaTopUp is an online service offered by TransWorld Services of Canada and IntraWorld Services of Ghana, which allows people living aboard to send airtime to their relatives, loved ones and friends online. This transaction is instant once payment has been made and can top-up your airtime in less than 5secs. The service is also 24 hours and is in partnership with all 5 service providers in the country. Now top up can be done at anytime and anywhere in the world. is a genuine online platform which has physical offices in both Ghana and Canada. They also have email addresses that promptly responded to customers. Their association with these two international corporations makes it very safe to buy airtime online with your credit card. 9/10.

To further enhance its electronic banking experience, Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited has introduced another convenient option for its customers to purchase airtime for their phones using the Internet Banking platform.

This additional service, which comes barely a month after the introduction of the GTMobile version to top up credit by dialing the short code *713#, also allows customers to purchase airtime credits for all mobile networks through the internet banking platform.

Irrespective of the service provider you use, getting mobile data and airtime as you sit on your couch is surely a piece of cake. Now you must wonder, how you could be able to possibly do this via carlcare app. Read along as we guide you through the steps for the same.

According to court documents, the perpetrators of the romance scams created several profiles on online dating sites. The scammers then contacted men and women throughout the United States and elsewhere, established relationships with the victims and ultimately asked for money. The victims received account information and were directed to send money to those accounts, including some controlled by Antwi. The fraud generated millions of dollars in proceeds. Antwi is not charged with perpetrating the romance scams, but instead is charged with laundering the proceeds to conceal or disguise their criminal source.

All prepared mobile phones need airtime so the user can send text messages, make calls or use data. This airtime, also called as talk-time or mobile credit, must be paid for before the phone can be used. If a person runs out of credit or airtime, they will be capable to use the phone until phone again until more mobile top up Ghana has been bought.

Ghana airtime is added to the recipients phone almost fast, making it easy, fast and handy way to stay in touch. Once the top up Ghana airtime online has been done, it can be used in the form of texts, calls, and data, anyway it cannot be turned into cash.

1. Enter the recipients phone number2. Pick the amount you want to send3. Pay through internet4. You and the recipient get SMS confirmation once the top up Ghana airtime online has been made

If you have friends or family living, traveling or working in Ghana then buying Ghana airtime online is a safe and simple way to stay in touch. It is not forever perfect for those in Ghana to top-up their airtime themselves, they may be a long way from the closest town, not have the money to top up Ghana their phone or not know how to do it.

Not only is it simple and fast to send airtime top up Ghana, but it is very safe from any device. With aggressive exchange rates and zero changes on top-ups airtime, you can get with your family and friends for less.

In some cases, you may be capable to supply your debit card information instead of a checking account. You may also be capable to deliver bank account information online without offering a voided check, but you might have to confirm your account in some other way.

The mobile money transfers Ghana permit a customer to receive or send money on his or her phone, buy top up Ghana airtime online while at office, home or market. It is said to be time-saving less risky and controls other significance resources, as it is convenient.

AlBaraka branch payment option allow passengers from Sudan to make payment to any nearby AlBaraka branch for the booking they made online. The payment must be finalized within 6 hours after the booking was made. Passenger should give the booking reference and the ticket value to the tellers to make the payment. 041b061a72


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