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Mayorkun - Certified Loner BETTER

The song "Certified Loner (No Competition)" by Mayorkun is about being comfortable in one's own company and not being affected by the negative opinions of others. The artist sings about being a "certified loner" and how he doesn't feel the need to compete with others because he is confident in himself and his abilities. He describes how others talk behind his back, but he remains unaffected by their words.The lyrics also suggest that the artist is aware of the attention he receives from others and how they try to be involved in his life. He acknowledges that people try to push his buttons and dial his number, but he is focused on being alone and not allowing others to change him. The artist also mentions his mother, reassuring her that he is good on his own, and has made peace with his soul.The song's chorus echoes the sentiment of being independent and not having to compete with others. The artist confidently declares that no one can take his position, and he is sure of himself until he retires from the competition as seen in the line "e sure for me oh, 'til I hang jersey oh." The song also features phrases in the Yoruba language, adding cultural depth to the message of being self-assured.Overall, "Certified Loner (No Competition)" affirms that being content in one's own company and not chasing after approval or validation from others is a valid and empowering choice.

Mayorkun - Certified Loner




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