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Okay, I'll admit that I came to the immense pleasures of Canada's greatest export, "Trailer Park Boys" a little late in the party. By the time I downloaded a 17GB torrent file of "the complete Trailer Park Boys" it was indeed just that, complete, with a bow on top. Two feature films and seven TV series, a total of 56 episodes of some of the funniest television I have ever seen. My wife and I positively gorged ourselves on these shows. We'd often watch six a night, one after the other like it was comedy crack. Finally after three weeks or so, the well ran dry. No more "Trailer Park Boys"!! We were majorly bummed out. We went through withdrawal symptoms. We were sad. It was bad, real, real bad.

Good Omens Season 1 Torrent Download

Of a winter evening, at the fireside, there can be few moreamusing companions than a Midwife of the old school. Shehas the smack of old times and old usages about her, andtastes of that agreeable simplicity of manners which alwaysbetokens a harmless and inoffensive heart. Her language isat once easy, copious, and minute, and if a good deal pedantic,the pedantry is rather the traditionary phraseology andantique humour which descends with her profession, than thepeculiar property or bias of her individual mind. She affectsmuch mystery, and intimates that she could tell many strangestories of high life; but she is always too honourable to betraythe confidence that has been reposed in her good faith andsecrecy. In her dress she always consults warmth and comfort,and seldom or never looks to appearance. Flannel andcotton she heaps on herself in abundant folds, and the consequenceis, that although subject to all the inclemency of theseasons both by night and day, she is hardly ever known tobe sick. The cottage of the Midwife may in general be knownby the mounting-stone which is beside her door, and whichenables her without difficulty or loss of time to get on horsebackbehind the impatient messenger. The window of herbedroom is also remarkable for its opening on hinges like adoor, a thing not usual in the country. This is to enable herto thrust forth her well-flannelled head without any possibledelay, in order to inquire the name of the party requiring heraid, the length of journey before her, and such other particularsas she usually deems necessary. The sleep of the Midwifeis almost peculiar in its character to herself. No personsleeps more soundly and deeply than she does, unless to aknock at the door or a tap at the window, to both of whichit may be said she is ever instinctively awake. We questionif a peal of cannon discharged at her house-side would disturbher; but give on the other hand the slightest possibleknock or tap at either her door or window, and ere you couldimagine she had time to awaken, the roll of flannel that containsher head is thrust out of the window.

'It is his reign (that of Abou InauFaris) which has cured Religion of hersickness, which has caused the sword ofInjustice to return into the scabbardwhence it had been drawn, which hascorrected fortune, when it had been corrupted,and which has procured customfor the markets of Science, formerlygiven up to stagnation. He has renderedmanifest the rules of piety when theywould have been obliterated; he hascalmed the regions of the earth whenthey were agitated; he has caused thetradition of acts of generosity to reviveafter his death; he has occasioned thedeath of tyrannic customs; he has abatedthe flame of discord at the momentwhen it was most enkindled; he has destroyedthe commands of tyranny, whenthey exercised an absolute power; hehas elevated the edifices of equity on thepillars of the fear of God, and has assuredhimself, by the strongest evidences, thathe possesses confidence in the Eternal.His reign possesses a glory, the crownwhereof is placed on the forehead ofOrion, and an illumination which coversthe Milky Way with the skirts of hisrobe; a beneficence which has given anew youth to the age; a justice whichincloses the righteous within its vasttent; a liberality similar to a cloud whichwaters at once the leaves that have fallenfrom the trees and the trees themselves;a courage which, even when theclouds shed torrents of rain, causes a torrentof blood to flow; a patience whichnever tires of hoping; a prudence whichprevents his enemies from approachinghis pastures; a resolution which putstheir troops to flight before the actioncommences; a mildness which delights topluck pardon from the tree of crime; agoodness which gains him all hearts; ascience, the lustre whereof enlightensthe darkest difficulties; a conduct conformableto his sincerity, and acts conformableto his designs!'

'Montaigne is an impertinent fellow!'I exclaimed, slamming to the book.'What? this close reader of antiquity,this fine analyst of the human heart, hasbeen able to find only three good women,only three devoted wives, in all theGreek and Roman annals! This is playingthe joker out of season. Goodnessis the special attribute of woman. Everymarried woman is good, or supposed tobe such. I bethink me, too, that our oldjurists always make the law presume thisgoodness to exist, at the outset,'

and seemed to run in every directionbut the right one. It was a road suchas can be found only in Virginia. Themud was almost up to the hubs of thewagon-wheels; the horses pulled, thedrivers laid on the lash and a string ofoaths at the same time; the wind blew,and the rain came down in torrents.More than once on that awful marchdid we lend a helping hand to get thehorses out of some 'slough of Despond.'Over the mountains and through thewoods we went, at the rate of about twomiles an hour. Many gave out and laydown by the wayside; and when at lastmorning dawned, a more pitiable set ofbeings never were seen upon earth. Themen looked haggard and wan, the horsescould hardly stand, and we were inanything but a good condition for invadingan enemy's country.

The hot weather last summer affected even the herring fishery. Thefishermen off the Scotch coast had been supplied with sea thermometersby the Scottish Meteorological Society, and they found that during oneweek, when the sea water showed a temperature of 58 deg. to 59 deg., nofish were caught. But when the temperature fell to 55 deg. the herringwere caught in great abundance. Indeed, they flocked to the land in suchnumbers that many nets were taken to the bottom with their weight, andthe fishermen lost considerable sums from this odd mishap. The action ofthe Meteorological has produced important results. The entirely newdiscovery has been made that the herring love cold water, and in seasonswhen the temperature of the sea water rises, they keep away from theland, in deeper water, between the fifteen to eighteen fathoms for whichthe nets are calculated. The colder the weather the greater is the takeof fish; 1875, a year when the water was considerably and continuouslywarmer than 1874, having been a poor year, while the latter was a betterone. This action of the fish makes it probable that it likes a givenrange of temperature, neither too high nor too low. In cold water thisbelt of agreeable temperature is found nearer the sun-warmed surface,and the fish creep inshore. Many singular facts relating to this fisheryare known. If a thunderstorm occurs, the fishermen expect a good catchon that day, but the next day they will get none except in deep water,and the supposition is that the fish are leaving the land. The herringhas a strong sense of locality, always returning to the same ground.Experienced dealers can tell by inspection in just what sea or loch agiven lot of fish were caught.

Learning that their road lay for some distance in the same direction,he offered her a ride upon his dray. The offer was thankfullyaccepted, and the bullock-driver arranged a comfortable place forAlice to lie in, and assisted her to the top of the dray. Then hecracked his whip, and the bullocks strained at their harness, and thedray creaked slowly onwards. Alice closed her eyes, and yieldedherself to the peaceful influences that surrounded her. The awningover the dray protected her from the sun; the grateful shade, the buzzof insect life, even the gentle jolting of the dray and the faintcrack of the driver's whip, all invited repose. And the sweet sense ofrest that fell upon her brought with it a balm to her bruised spirit.There was good in the world for her still. She had experienced it evenin the short time she had been upon her journey. Yesterday, that kindNegro couple--to-day, this bullock-driver, who ministered unselfishlyto her wants. These kind friends were surely sent to help her in theaccomplishment of her task--they were omens for good. She lay, withhands clasped, prayerfully, and the weary look faded from her face,and hope rested there instead. And thus she fell asleep, peacefully. 041b061a72


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