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I am having printhead issues. The color cartridges print but not the new black ones I purchased. It was working fine until I tried a new cartridge then the black quit working. I get a print head error message. Is it the cartridges (ordered off Amazon, supposed to be authentic HP cartridges) or probably the print head. If print head should I replace it or just buy a new printer?

Check for the HP logo on the ink cartridges. This seems like an issue with the printhead of the printer. The printhead in this model printer is non-removable. Hence, if it is defective, the printer has to be replaced.

If a printer has not been used for a long period of time, the many tiny holes that make up a modern inkjet printer's head may become clogged with dried ink. Clogged printer heads greatly affect the quality of the printing job and can eventually lead to damage to the printer. It is very important to clean out printer heads when they are clogged.

Most inkjet printers have some sort of automatic utility program by which you can instruct the printer to go through a self-cleaning cycle. A number of these cleanings, in succession, will usually take care of a clogged printer head. However because the cleaning cycle needs to be repeated multiple times, a significant amount of ink can be consumed during this process - as much as 10-25% of the cartridge's ink.

If the self-cleaning cycle does not solve the problem, try turning the printer off overnight to allow the ink to soften. Turn the printer on the next day and try printing a test pattern to see whether the problem has either disappeared or become less noticeable. This ink-saving procedure can work effectively because sometimes the dried ink on the print head needs time to soften before the printer head can be cleaned completely. Try running the self-cleaning utility again one or more times.

If the overnight cleaning still does not work, there may be a layer of thick ink that is blocking the holes of the printer's head. The next option is to manually clean the printer head. Follow these steps:

Founder of Castle Ink, William Elward has 20 years experience in the printer industry. He's been featured on CNN Money, Yahoo, PC World, Computer World, and other top publications and frequently blogs about printers and ink cartridges. He's an expert at diagnosing printer issues and has published guides to fixing common printer issues across the internet. A graduate of Bryant University and Columbia's Sulzberger Executive Leadership Program, he's held various leadership positions at The College Board, Bankrate, Zocdoc, and Everyday Health. Follow him on Twitter at William Elward's Twitter Profile

The black ink won't print on our printer. We thought it was out of ink but replaced it and the black ink still won't print. It acts like its printing but it's almost like the black printing components aren't working.

I was having the same problem today. Ran carriage under water and dried. Still didn't work. Looked under tools menu on the printer screen and noticed "clean cartridges." Chose that option. I guess it did the job, because it ran a test print and when we tried to print again it worked just fine.

I just talked to HP support, they said to replace printer because print head is defective. My printer was printing blank pages I replaced all ink cartridge black, cyan, magenta and yellow, it still printed blank pages. My advice, find a better brand. HP sucks.

I had the same problem, the printer made all the manoeuvers and sounds as if printing, but the page came out blank! I have all the inks (bought and replaced those that were half empty), to no avail. I had the print heads cleaned several times, following the instructions, no results either. The best solution is to buy another printer.

I had the same issue with the black cartridge not printing, but the colors printed, This procedure worked: remove the "bad" cartridge and clean the round filter with a facial cleaning cotton pad (or Qtip) dipped in rubbing alcohol. Let is set on the filter for a few minutes to soften the gunk, then gently rub the round filter several times to clear it. Then, reinsert the cartridge back into the printer. Then open the front display, swipe to find the setup link, scroll down to printer maintenance, select it, scroll down to "clean print heads". I had to run it 3 times (each time it ran, it gave a report to see how it was cleaning and I flipped the test paper over to save sheets). It worked great! I would not use water from the tap as takes too long to dry, plus water and electronics don't do well together. I have the HP Office Jet Pro 6830 e All in One.

HP printers seem so affordable on purchase but have such annoying issues after and way too much time spent on solutions! Mine will not allow me to print full page photos only smaller ones. No solution has helped.

HP has added some type of sensor to their printer so that one is unable to use refilled cartridges. I have refilled ink cartridges for years with no problems. HP wants you to spend more money by making it so that their printer only works with a brand new original cartridge. My suggestion, never buy another HP printer unless you want to spend hundreds of dollar more on ink!

It's really odd, but putting a clear tape over the contacts of the black ink cartridge (and left it there) worked! The printer (HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 1115) now prints the "missing black ink" needed. Perhaps I'll just remove the clear tape next time.

I figured out for it to accept the Color cartridge I have to Reset the printer (instruction for HP deskjet reset is available on internet), however, it never accepted black cartridge, it always show Black cartridge Indicator LED blinking meaning it is not recognizing the refilled cartridge. So after reading everyone post above, I also just applied clear masking tape on the complete contact points of the black cartridge and then inserted it. The printer still says it has not detected the black cartridge (because the LED light for black cartridge is constantly on). However, when I print I can see black ink is getting printed. I have a doubt whether this is actually blank ink or color ink is printing black color. i suspect it is later, I will post update in future.

I'm using windows 10, 64 bit and my Officejet 4620 printer wouldn't print black despite having a new HP cartridge. I removed the printer, uninstalled the software and set up the printer again from scratch. It now works.

2) take out the black ink cartridge and use a small stiff paint brush and brush the printer head ( looks like a little round mesh metal screen) I went back-and-forth and in a circular motion several times and then replaced the ink cartridge. A little dab of rubbing alcohol may help.

Solution 2 - I own an HP Office Jet Pro 6830e All in One. I used a facial cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol, then let it set on the mesh filter for a few minutes to soften the gunk before gently rubbing the filter. Place the cartridge back in the slot, close the lid. Then, on the front display swipe it to find the setup link, then scroll down to the printer maintenance link, then scroll down to the "clean print heads". I ran the procedure 3 times (each one printed a test sheet), flipped the test sheet over in the tray to use the reverse clean side (saving paper), and it WORKED. I would not use water to clean the round mesh head as water and electronics don't mix. Thank goodness I am back in business!

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525. I have bought original cartidges. The black one was identified by the printer as counterfeit for some reason. I replaced it with another original. The printer stopped printing black ink. The diagnostic page shows the box where the black was supposed to be as white. I have tried all the options to clean the printer. no result. This is the second printer in two years that has the same issue.

I AM DONE with this company. This is scandalous. It is obvious that this is a firmware/software issue that blocks the printer from using the black ink. I will never buy HP for personnal use, or for my business ever again, and I urge everyone to do the same. Enough is enough.

I bought new cartridges also... $77 at Staples.. Color prints but black still does not print. To see if cartridge was bad I bought another cartridge $30+ & still won't print. $100 out the window -- I have HP computer but no more HP printers for me.

While my guide covers the cleaning process, it doesn't cover the required disassembly to remove the printhead on permanently installed printers. I don't have one of these, so I can't repeat the procedure on a printer with a similarly mounted printhead like you have. It's also highly unlikely I'll ever do it unless I get the printer for free and the owner doesn't want it back. You don't want to get water in the flatflex connectors, so only use a small amount of water. This is potentially deadly, as some of these printers are known to demand SETUP ink the owners probably no longer have.

As in most HP printers, the printer heads are on a Carriage tray into which the ink Cartridges click into. The ONLY REAL way to clear the problem is take it to a local printer / PC tech service and ask them to remove AND CLEAN the Carriage Tray in a soft solvent to clear the dried residue from the actual heads themselves. This will involve unscrewing a few panels to enable the Carriage tray to be removed. Not difficult. The cartridges themselves are NOT the problem in this instance. This will happen if the printer has been idle for some time. Once gummed up pouring more printer ink (head cleaning) into an already blocked and dried up head system will not work as many have already experienced. Also a good time to clean the ADF feeding, drive and pickup rollers, coder stripe and panels. The Printer is fine - resist the urge to chuck it. I have done this and HP 4625 works well once more. 041b061a72


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