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Download Blueprint Jar ##VERIFIED##

These are the files of the artifact org.osgi.service.blueprint version1.0.2 from the grouporg.osgi. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();

Download Blueprint jar

Download File:

Apache Aries modules are distributed in source and binary form.Alternatively you may checkout the source from Subversion and build Aries yourself.Otherwise, the releases below are available for download.These KEYS can be used to verify the release archive.

The easiest way to use the samples is to download the source zip, navigate to the appropriate 'assembly' module and run mvn install to download all the released binary artifacts.Alternatively you can build the entire source.

These are the files of the artifact camel-cxf-blueprint version3.3.0 from the grouporg.apache.camel.karaf. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();

Every tutorial or documentation I found mentions adding several bundles provided by Spring to my OSGi-container (like org.springframework.aop.jar). It was hard enough finding a download for the current Spring release, as it seems it is not directly provided on their homepage anymore (only maven links etc. and this is not an option for the current project). Especially every tutorial mentions, that this libraries are provided as OSGi bundles aswell.

But all of the downloads I could find (e.g. ) only contained normal jars, no OSGi bundles. Is the practice of providing OSGi-bundles discontinued as of Spring 3.x? How do I add the neccessary Spring dependencies to my project? Are the tutorials/documentations outdated?

You should also take a look at Apache Karaf. It comes with blueprint pre installed and allows to add a lot of other frameworks easily. I have done some tutorials that show how to use blueprint with several technologies like CXF, Camel, JPA.